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Grayson County

Grayson County is located along the Oklahoma border on the Red River north of Denton County, Collin County, and the Dallas–Fort Worth area. The county seat is Sherman, about 60 miles from Dallas and 90 miles from Fort Worth, and the Sherman–Denison Metropolitan Statistical Area is a component of the Dallas–Fort Worth Combined Statistical Area.

Major highways in Grayson County include U.S. Highway 69, U.S. Highway 75, U.S. Highway 82, U.S. Highway 377, Texas State Highway 5, Texas State Highway 11, Texas State Highway 56, Texas State Highway 91, Texas State Highway 160, Texas State Highway 289, and Texas State Highway Spur 503. As of the 2010 census, Grayson County’s population was 120,877 after being 110,595 in the 2000 census, 95,021 in 1990, 89,796 in 1980, and 83,225 in 1970.

Grayson County was named for the attorney, poet, diplomat, cabinet officer, and presidential contender Peter Wagener Grayson. Grayson helped raise volunteers in the United States during the Texas Revolution. President ad interim David Burnet named him attorney general in 1836 and Texas president Sam Houston named Grayson attorney general in February 1837. In December 1837 the president made Grayson naval agent to the United States.

Criminal & DWI Defense Lawyer in Grayson County, TX

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is one of the most common criminal offenses people are arrested for in Grayson County, and The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy aggressively defends individuals against these charges. Whether you were coming from Cellarman’s Pub & Brewery, Old Iron Post, the Rendezvous Club, or a private residence in the county, our firm can fight to try and get the criminal charges against you dismissed. We regularly defend people facing DWI charges in communities all over the DFW area and we will fight to make sure that you are able to achieve the most favorable possible outcome to your case.

In addition to DWI cases, The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy also handles a wide variety of other criminal charges. We also defend people accused of drugs and narcotics offenses, ranging from simple drug possession charges to much larger trafficking crimes. Our firm has experience dealing with not only illegal drug cases such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, but we are also familiar with many criminal charges stemming from legal prescription drugs.

Our firm also regularly handles family violence cases, from child endangerment to harassment to strangulation. Many of these cases tend to involve false or exaggerated allegations, and The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy can work to make sure that the truth comes out when you get your day in court. Texas takes family violence cases very seriously, so you will want to be sure that you have a solid defense against what could likely be a case involving serious penalties.

The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy also handles property crimes, theft crimes, and traffic offenses. Our firm also handles firearm and weapon offenses, sex offenses, and computer crimes. You should also know that we can handle federal charges as well as crimes of violence and white-collar crimes.

Contact the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy today at (972) 233-5700 for a consultation about your alleged offense in Irving, Dallas, Carrolton, Richardson, and surrounding areas of Dallas County, Texas. Our firm will work to get your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

Grayson County Court and Legal Resources

District Clerk – Grayson County — The District Clerk handles operations in the three district courts in Grayson County that hear civil, family, and criminal cases, and they serve a four-year term. Their staff includes a Chief Deputy Clerk, Assistant Chief Deputy Clerk, and nine Deputy Clerks. On this website, you can learn more about child support, jury service, minors’ trust, court fees, fines and costs, available forms, rules and orders, and passports.

Grayson County Justice Center

District Clerk’s Office
200 S. Crockett Ste. 120A
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 813-4352

Grayson County Clerk — The County Clerk’s office handles cases heard by the County Court at Law No. 1 and the County Court at Law No. 2. County Courts At Law have jurisdiction over misdemeanors and traffic appeals. The County Clerk’s office maintains County Court at Law No. 1 and No. 2 records on misdemeanors committed in Grayson County, and certified copies of documents are $1.00 per page and $5.00 for certification.

Grayson County Clerk

100 W. Houston St. #17
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 813-4243

Courts – Grayson County — Grayson County has two county courts, County Court at Law No. 1 and the County Court at Law No. 2, and three district courts. The three district courts are the 15th District Court, 59th District Court, and 397th District Court. Use this website to view the district court plan, county court at law plan, county courts standing orders, and find Texas court’s help.

Justice of the Peace | Grayson County, TX — The justice of the peace handles misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only and civil cases in which the amount in controversy is not more than $10,000. There is four justice of the peace courts in Grayson County. Proper dress injustice of the peace courts for men consists of long pants, a shirt with a collar, and shoes, while women should wear a dress, skirt, or long pants with a modest top and shoes.

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 1

Grayson County Courthouse
100 W Houston Ste 27
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 813-4346

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 2

Branch Office Building
101 W. Woodard St.
Denison, TX 75021
(903) 465-0984

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 3

West Government Center
509 North Union
Whitesboro, TX 76273
(903) 564-3550

Justice Of The Peace Precinct 4

South Government Center
117 S. Main
Van Alstyne, TX 75495
(903) 482-6543

grayson county

Grayson County Law Enforcement Resources

Sheriff’s Office – Grayson County — The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for the county in Texas, and the Sheriff’s Office employs approximately 30 percent of Grayson County employees, with 142 direct employees and approximately 25 contract employees. On this website, you can view citizen complaints, a community crime map, crime prevention programs, and inmate correspondence. There is also jail visitation information and public information requests.

200 S. Crockett St.
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 893-4388

Sherman Police Department — The Sherman Police Department is the police department for the city of Sherman, and this website has a message from the chief, a list of Sherman’s most wanted, and information on administration. You can also learn more about criminal investigations, patrol division duties, and property and evidence records. There are also media releases, a department newsletter, and various forms and documents.

317 S. Travis St.
Sherman, TX  75090
(903) 892-7280

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) — TCOLE is a state agency with a mission of “ensuring a Texas where people are served by highly trained and ethical law enforcement and corrections personnel through screening, developing, monitoring resources, and setting standards.” The Commission is governed by nine commissioners, appointed by the governor and separated into three categories: Three must be chief administrators of law enforcement agencies such as sheriffs, constables, and chiefs of police; three must be persons licensed by the Commission, and two of whom must be peace officers in non-supervisory positions with a law enforcement agency when appointed by the governor, and three must be private citizens with no direct connection with the field of law enforcement. Members are appointed for six-year terms with one member from each category going off the Commission each two-year period, and the appointment of members is subject to the review and consent of the Senate. Use this website to view statistics and find various forms and applications.

Incorporated Cities in Grayson County

Incorporated cities in Grayson County include Bells, Denison, Dorchester, Gunter, Knollwood, Sadler, Sherman, Southmayd, Tom Bean, and Whitesboro. Trenton is mostly in Fannin County but has a part in Grayson County while Van Alstyne is mostly in Grayson County but has a small part in Collin County. Collinsville, Howe, Pottsboro, and Tioga are all towns in Grayson County, while Whitewright is largely in Grayson County with a small part in Fannin County. Preston and Sherwood Shores are both census-designated places.

Unincorporated Cities in Grayson County

Unincorporated communities in Grayson County include Ambrose, Carpenter’s Bluff, Gordonville, and Luella.

Find A Grayson County Criminal Defense Attorney | Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy

If you were arrested in the greater Grayson County area, you will want to seek the help of the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy as soon as possible. Our firm will be committed to helping you overcome your criminal charges and moving on with your life without having to feel haunted by your arrest.

Contact the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy today at (972) 233-5700 for a consultation about your alleged offense in Irving, Dallas, Carrolton, Richardson, and surrounding areas of Dallas County, Texas. Our firm will work to get your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

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